Why Aviva Labs Products

I chose to use Aviva Labs sunless tanning solutions as the product I use to offer the most natural-looking, vibrant tan because Aviva Labs provides the highest quality, best performing products in the spray tanning industry. I stand behind this reputable company because they support safe and sustainable business practices with those they work with by carefully sourcing all of their organic ingredients, ensuring to meet high standards of quality and ethics, something I admire and value.

I believe Aviva Labs created the healthiest sunless tanning solutions to date. Aviva Labs makes the world’s only oil-free, alcohol free, and fragrance free sunless solution. Their solution is hypo-allergenic and mild enough for the most sensitive skin. It has only 13 ingredients to achieve the best performance where in comparison most sunless solutions on the market, contain 25-32 ingredients (some competitors have up 40). This is why so many dermatology clinics, med spas, and plastic surgery clinics only choose Aviva Labs products.
Every Aviva Labs sunless tanning product is:

-Doctor formulated
-Natural-looking and long lasting
-Even fading
-Only made with FDA approved ingredients
-PETA approved
-Composed of the highest quality, premium DHA
-Fast drying
-Free of harsh dyes and chemicals
-Formulated with long term health in mind

As a world leader in sunless tanning solutions with a focus on health and a belief in giving back to customers, community, and our planet why would I choose any other product for my service.